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Action for Misbehaviour of Committee Member

21 September 2015 Yogesh, Mumbai

The Committee is formed before 2010 tiil date we have not received the share certificates. We dont know whether the builder have given the deposit to the society. Further income is generated from 3 tower of reliance & boring water however the amount of income is not disclosed. Whenever we ask any question to the committe member they start aruging & give bad words. One incident i would like to bring to your notice on 01/09/2015 i have requested one committee member to send water before 45 minutes but the committe member informed that to send water before 45 minutes as per the scheduled time he has to take approval of all the five members and then he started arguing & give me bad words. out of 5 committe member three member are uneducated qualification below 10th standard & only 2 people take all action & they act as they are the owner. Kindly let me know how to take action against them.

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  1. Societyhive support
    14 January 2016

    Dear Yogesh,

    We suggest you to contact the deputy registrar of your ward with your complaint

  2. Srisha Srivas
    26 November 2019

    What if the Deputy Registrar is biased and don't hear and support on managing committee's wrong action ?

    What if the Deputy Registrar is manipulated ?

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