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Can I keep different name on society name board?

28 February 2016 Dhiren , Mumbai

I purchased 2 flats on my wife name ... On name plate of society I kept two different name... Ie my wife name as per agreement and my name... Builder has no objection on it... Now co op housing society secretory and member of society comity are objecting... Is there is any law ?

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  1. Societyhive support
    25 March 2016

    Dear Dhiren,

    You can, no law prohibits this

  2. Nilesh Panchal
    31 January 2017

    I stay in Ghansoli Navi mumbai.
    My society is asking everyone for the name of every member and their wife for name plates.
    But they are forcing to weite in Marathi!
    Is there any rule in society act 1960 to write names in marathi ?
    I want to write names in Hindi/English
    Please help me and let me know is there any rule.

  3. Raju
    12 April 2017

    I want a slightly different name plate on society board

    Please advice sir

  4. moushumi mitra
    08 April 2018

    Do we need to put the society board as per share certificate ?

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