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Can Society Fine Society Member for shoe rack in the Passage

06 April 2015 Shashi, Mumbai

Some of the members have used the corner of the passage to setup a Shoe Rack. The members were given a notice first and then I was surprised to see they imposing fine if not removed from said date.

I want to know if this legal from Society to fine charges in this manner.

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  1. Societyhive support
    06 April 2015

    Dear Shashi,

    Yes, fine in this case is legal as common space can't be used without permission.

  2. Nilesh Jain
    22 April 2018

    In our society of tenant + saleable , fine for shoerack is charged to only tenants & the shoerack is well designed which is kept adjacent to wall properly ,what step we should take

  3. Nilesh Jain
    22 April 2018


  4. Sanjeev V Sardesai
    24 April 2018

    Can personnel of a local administrative body like Municipality/ Panchayat and other Government agencies like Police/ Health Department/ Electricity Dept/ Water Department enter the lawful property, under jurisdiction of a legally elected Board of Directors of a Housing Society, for inspection/ action, without intimating (verbally or in writing) the Chairman/ President or Secretary or any other Office bearer and/ or start taking photographs within the property? Are there any Hon SC or Hon HC judgements in such cases? Please help.

  5. Santosh
    04 May 2018

    I am society committee member, i have bought 2nd flat in same society and same is transfer to my name. And have sold first flat which yet too transfer and my first flat still at my name can continue as committee member ship? because both flat are in my name. but i have taken Noc for selling flat.... kindly help...

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