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Can registered housing society charge Extra money (more than 10%) from Rented flat owners or tenants?

12 March 2015 Amit S Dane, Pune

Dear sir,
We have a registered housing society in Pune (PCMC) area. I have a flat in it and which I have given for rent Society has started asking for 200 Rs extra for maintenance upon 1000 Rs. per month which is 20% of the monthly maintenance. Could you please let me know whether this is permissible limit. If not is the 10% is maximum means 100 Rs in this case they can charge?

Society Maintenance Charges

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  1. Societyhive support
    18 March 2015

    Dear Amit,

    A society can have up to 10% higher charges for tenants.

  2. Amit S Dane
    18 March 2015

    Thanks you Sir,
    I would like to know If society is not registered. It is just an Apartment, then are their any rules for Maintenance? Where can we get it?

    One member of Apartment is not paying Maintenance as his flat is on 1st floor and says I do not need lift hence I will not pay my part in Lift Electricity charges. Would like to know can any action be taken on this?

  3. Societyhive support
    18 March 2015

    If the society is not registered yet then not much can be done. If you are group of few flats then best is to try to create a consensus amongst all members as any maintenance will be utilized for your homes.

    For someone on 1st floor not paying electricity does not make sense. With his argument, someone living on top floor should give more than the one on lower floors. Also, someone elderly can always claim that they will not pay for amenities like swimming pool because they do not use it. All of these points are not valid. All common amenities maintenance cost should be shared equally by each flat irrespective of their size. Now, since your society is not registered you don't have much choice other than discuss and build a consensus at your society. You have a choice of going to the civil court but not advisable.

  4. Amit S Dane
    19 March 2015

    Dear Sir, I would like to know whether a member or group of member can write letter to Chairman and Secretary. In a common purpose such as changing current monthly maintenance pattern "from same for all owners to proportionate to size of flat in terms of area," application to file a proposal for this.

  5. Kedar Desai
    31 December 2015

    Hello sir I am leaving in Ahmedabad and I am facing same issue
    my society is co.operative housing society and they are charging 300% extra tax to tenant.

    Sir can u please provide me section of provisional law under which this is illegal.

  6. Samir Dayal
    22 January 2016

    I have a flat in Mumbai, which I have let out for a period of 36 months since March 2015. The Society Secretary started charging me Rs.5000.00 NOC charges per month over the 9000.00 quarterly Maintenance charges which worked out to Rs.24000.00 per quarter. After I wrote to the Dy. Registrar the Society adjusted the extra amount it collected but started charging me Rs.3000.00 per month extra for parking charges. Ours is a registered co-operative hsg. society.
    Is it legal that the society charge owners who have given their flats on leave license basis.
    Also I may mention that the car parking area is uncovered, ie open to sky.

  7. Rajesh
    07 November 2016

    A society can have up to 10% higher charges for tenants.
    Sir can you give me site address for download the rule

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