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Can society charge for non occupancy if relatives are staying?

11 August 2014 sandesh pendhare, Dombivli, Mumbai

Respected Sir,

I, Mr. Sandesh M. Pendhari staying at my cousin brother's (Mr. Ganesh B. Pendhari) flat which was totally belong to me. Due to documentation problems of loan, he sanctioned loan against his documents for me. My cousin have already submitted a letter to the society on stamp paper regarding he and his any family member has no any kind of claim on subjected flat this flat is completely belong to my cousin and we have not submitted any leave liscencse agreement to them. Still society managements are taken non-occupancy charges continuously every month from us.

What should we do?
Is this non-occupancy charge applicable to us?

Please advise.

Advice from society consultant

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Comments (2)

  1. Societyhive support
    11 August 2014

    Dear Sandesh,

    If the apartment is occupied by relative, NOC cannot be charged.

  2. mono exim null
    29 July 2019

    Dear Societyhive support,
    I am having the same question as Mr. Sandesh. I am utilising two adjacent flat in housing society at Andheri. One flat is in my name and another flat is in the name of my cousin. Our is joint family and my cousin is staying at Gujarat for our another business. Both flats are joined and having single entrance only.
    Did society can charge me non occupancy charges for the flat which is in my cousin's name?

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