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  1. Societyhive support
    27 April 2015

    Dear Vijay,

    You should call a managing committee meeting and elect new chairman from the committee members.

  2. Narayan Singh Bisht
    01 July 2016

    sir, I was Ex-Treasurer of the Hsg. Society, and I have taken Rs. 500\= per month Total Rs. 48000=-
    for eight years of my tenure as treasurer. Then chairman has sanctioned me the Man-dhan. During
    my tenure I have maintained all soceity's related documents, paying bill and other activities of the
    soceity's. We have not taken any AGM for sanctioning this amount. Sir How, Can I give to reply to
    our New Hsg. CM. However they have elected themselves only without any election procedure.
    Please help Sir.

  3. Deepak Rau
    12 October 2016

    The new committee as no legal locus standi send them a letter on what basis they are even asking this information

  4. Kamlesh Nagwekar
    17 October 2016

    Dear Sir

    Our MC consist of 11 members. Our Secretary has resigned from the post and will not be continuing as committee member and even Chairman has given the resignation from the post, but she will be continuing as a committee member. Need to know can we elect new chairman and Secretary from among the rest 10 members or we need to dissolve the entire committee and appoint a fresh members of 11.


  5. mihir
    01 April 2017

    Chairman of the society had called SGM of society for repair work but two days prior to the SGM the chairman resign, in this case what will be the validity of SGM can the society go ahead and conduct the SGM

  6. Anis Qureshi
    12 February 2018


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