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Co-operative Housing Society - Maintenance Charges for Owner and Tenant

19 November 2015 Sanadiip Bbiswas, Pune

Is there any judgement from High Court and / or Supreme Court that in CHS, maintenance amount should not be more for tenant, if owner stay in the same CHS

Society Maintenance Charges

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  1. Societyhive support
    03 March 2016

    Dear Sanadiip,

    No, there is no such rule

    09 March 2016

    For the flats given on rent -NON OCCUPANCY CHARGES will apply in addition to the regular maintenance cost.

    Non occupancy charges will be 10% of the service charges(Common expenses-shared by total no of flats)

    eg: if the service charge-(common expenses towards security/ common lighting/ gardening/ housekeeping/ office etc) is Rs:50000/- per month. There are 100 flats in the society. Then per month service charges to the flat is Rs:500/- ; so for tenant it will be 10% addition, which is Rs:50/- permonth extra.

    Maintenance cost for flats which is occupied by owners / relatives {Family as described in the byelaw }= (Repair& Maint fund) + (Sinking fund) + Service charges+ parking charges.

    Maintenance cost for flats given on rent = (Repair& Maint fund) + (Sinking fund) + Service charges + parking charges + Non occupancy charges (10% of the service charges)

  3. Ramesh patel
    10 April 2018

    I am living in my relative house can co op housing society taken excess maintenance charge then owner? Kindly suggest me legal advice example if regular member charges 700 can CHS taken excess amount 2200 it is legal or not M 9909944617

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