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Cost of registering an apartment as a co-operative housing society in navi mumbai

10 April 2015 Jobin, Navi Mumbai


We own a flat in an apartment in koparkhairane Navi Mumbai, recently individual flat owners in our apartment have come up with a proposal of registering our building as a co-operative housing society, however , the charges quoted by some members for the entire registration process is a whopping Rs.75,000/ flat. Our Building has in all 12 flats.
Can these figures be true by any chance. please suggest the right way ahead , to ensure no one is cheated of their hard earned money.........

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Comments (3)

  1. Societyhive support
    11 April 2015

    Dear Jobin,

    Remove a zero and add additional maximum 25000.
    In your case, overall tentative cost should be Rs. 7,500 per member plus collective additional Rs. 25,000.

  2. Manoj Chaugule
    16 August 2017

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchased flat at kamothe sector 12, but society not issue share certificate because first owner is not becoming member society while society member going register society, that time fees was 10000/- per member. But I want to become member of society for getting share certificate but society is not ready to do all processor and society said us to go CIDCO office and do all formalities

    Can help me for that I want what is process and office address to go and ask what is process

  3. Shivgir
    23 September 2017

    Dear sir, I am a flat owner in an apartment of 12 flats and 6shops. It is 15 year old apartment but builder has neither formed the society nor conveyance deed and completion certificate. We all society members have hired an advocate and forming a society. Now builder has signed the society formation draft and supporting in all . Advocate is asking for Rd. 2500/per member. Is it the actual cost or are we paying more? Please guide.

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