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Distribution of water charges

03 March 2015 Ramchandra Jadhav, Mumbai

As per Bye-laws 69, water charges are to be distributed on the basis of number and size of in -lets provided in each flat. In our Building there are about 50 vehicles which are washed daily where lot of water is used. There is no inlet provided for this usage. Moreover it is not known how to measure the size of inlet provided in each flat. We have 2 BHK flats with 4 inlets and one BHK flat with 2 inlets, size is not known. This difference of inlets is due to internal layout of kitchen, bathroom and toilet and not for providing additional water. In addition to the water provided through inlets, they use additional water on ground floor for washing cars and other general purpose.

Some of the flat owners, they do not maintain the car. In some of the smaller flats more persons consumed the water but the inlets are less. In bigger flat a single person may be staying but the inlets are more and hence he has to pay more. It is improper to say that more the inlets, more the consumption. The consumption of water does not depend on the size of the flat or number of inlets, but it depends on the number of persons living in flat.

In the circumstances, kindly advise how to charge water charges when they are using additional water for car washing and other purpose, which can not be measured.

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  1. Societyhive support
    05 March 2015

    Dear Ramchandra,

    Even if you want you can't make changes to the law. Inlet is always 1/2 inch and for 1BHK its 2 inlets, 2BHK 3 inlets and so on.

    Only charge if tanker is called not municipal water as that's in the corp tax.

  2. Ramchandra Jadhav
    06 March 2015

    Sir, thank you for your guidance. I think i was not able to explain my query properly. My query is that we can not distribute the water charges on the basis of inlet, as majority of the residents use the water for car washing also from the common water tap in addition to what they use in their house through inlets and the water used from common tap can not be measured. Moreover all the residents they do not have the cars.

    I had taken up this issue with Housing Federation. It was informed that in the absence of any specific mention in the bye-laws about Car washing, this issue may be discussed in AGM. Accordingly AGM approved to distribute water charges equally irrespective of number of inlets and what they use for car washing. But some people are not happy. They say for residential use charges should be on inlets basis and for car washing, it should be separately charged per car. The water consumption does not depend on the basis of size of the flat but it depends on the number of people using it. Most of the Societies distribute the water charges equally among all the members.

    Kindly advise in the matter pl.


  3. Societyhive support
    07 March 2015

    Dear Ramchandra,

    There is no provision for washing of car inlet hence it can’t be levied.
    However, parking charges can be levied which may offset the expense.

  4. vinod maurta
    12 March 2015

    i have a shop in nallasopara .For last 3 month society has been charging tanker water charges in my bill. Even though i my shop there is no water connection.

  5. Rohit
    16 December 2015

    Dear society hive,
    I also have same query. I am not residing in building but the water tanker charges are being leveid equally to all flat owners and there is no incentive for saving water. others are just ordering one tanker after another and non occupants also end up paying for it.
    Kindly advice some firm advice.

  6. Tassy
    09 September 2016

    Dear Societyhive,

    I have similar question to Mr. Rohit. I am not residing in my property and it is lying vacant since last 4 years. It is going to remain vacant in future too. The society is charging me for water tanker charges equally as all other flat owners. Is it correct to charge everyone or only occupants staying in the building? Kindly advice at your earliest. Thanks.

  7. Narender S
    27 September 2016

    Even i am charged water bill even though my flat is vacant -so zero consumption! isn't it unfair ??? Has anyone aware of any precedence of High Court/Consumer court ruling in this regard pls? thanks

  8. Smita
    02 October 2016

    My society charge 1000rs from.each member as maintance and it that they are providing only half hr water supply....and saying us that water is enough for all the ppl ........builder provide us two boring for water supply and drinkable.water which is provided by kdmc which is only 5min drinkable water....for useable water they provide us boring Facility bt cmty not giving us proper water supply....can we take any action aginst they say boring light bill is high n we will use only drinkable water for drink and use

  9. Abhay
    05 May 2018

    In our society total 10 flats are their but only 3 will get direct water for drinking and other 7 didn’t get drinking water so what should we do to get water

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