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Does a shop owner has the right to be part of Society Committee member

17 April 2017 Deepa Saliyan, Navi Mumbai

At present our Chairman owns a shops in our CHS. The society committee formed is not registered or formed by Election. My question does a shop owner who has rented his shop and who is non resident has any right to take part in Society Committee and can he take the post of Chairman, Secretary or Treasure.

Related to housing society bye-laws

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  1. Societyhive support
    03 May 2017

    Dear Deepa,

    Yes, as along as he is a society member, he can take part in society committee.

  2. Sourav Mhatre
    16 January 2018

    I have a restaurent in society i have made chimney so that chinese smoke doesnt come out but now they have given us notice and saying to close chinese in 7 days with everybody signarure on it..please help

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