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Having trouble getting NOC from my housing society management

11 August 2014 Vikas, Bavdhan, Pune


I am the owner of a flat in bavdhan pune, our society is a registered housing society. I am selling the flat and the purchaser needs an NOC from the society in SBI format (state bank) to avail a housing loan. Though the society have given me an NOC in their format after taking the transfer charges of Rs.30000, they are not issuing NOC in SBI format, and is saying that they will issue NOC in SBI format only after the Sales Deed is done. We have done the sales agreement at the registrar's office and have shown him the documents, but they insist that the NOC will be issued only after the final Sales Deed is done.

I tried to make the society understand that without NOC the bank will not approve the loan, and the NOC that i require is in the bank's format, which is a mandate to avail loan ftom any bank. But the society is not willing to provide the NOC. In this case what csn I do.

Kindly suggest.
Thank you!

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  1. Societyhive support
    11 August 2014

    Dear Vikas,

    You can approach the Dep Registrar with your complaint.

  2. Pravin Mukhedkar
    22 March 2016

    In my society, current management committee has decided to use a software. The software expects society members to have a working internet connection. Do we have any by-laws using which society management can mandate such things as there are various charges if society member has to go to society office and get the work done. They expect documents to be scanned and uploaded, and if member submits the document in physical format they charge separately.

  3. Rakesh Modi
    05 May 2018

    Can society charge to member for issuing NOC for bank.

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