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How to calculate maintenance charges from flat owners with different size area?

09 June 2017 Kapil Dilip Ganbote, Pune

Hello sir, we live in Pune. Earlier the builder used to take care of the maintenance where he used to charge 2 rs per sq ft. We live in a building that has different area size for flats. Recently members have started thinking of forming society. Members have proposed flat 4500 rs pm irrespective of flat sizes. This proposal have attracted many arguments. Members living in 800 sqft flat have to pay 4500 rs (where in earlier he was paying 1600 rs) and members living in 3000 sq ft flat will have to pay 4500 rs (earlier they were paying 6000 rs pm). The big flat owners are larger in number and small flat owners think it's injustice with them. Can you throw some light on this issue. Regards Kapil

Society Maintenance Charges

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  1. Societyhive support
    13 June 2017

    Dear Kapil,

    For cooperative housing societies, societies should not charge per square feet nor a fixed amount irrespective of flat size is correct. We recommend you to purchase cooperative bye-law book to understand norms completely: Below are two related pages that will give you some context on how to calculate maintenance changes in cooperative housing societies:

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