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How to co opt associate member of society in managing committee?

03 May 2015 J.D.SHAH, MUMBAI

We are registered co op society. In managing committee there is one vacant place and we would like to co opt associate member whose name is in the share certificate. As per rule there is no problem to co opt such person in managing committee but our secretary is adamant and refuses to co opt the person even though majority of committee members have voted to co opt the person. The secretary says that by just paying fees to become associate member does not entitle him to become member of MGC .

Pls. suggest course of action to be followed.

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Comments (5)

  1. Societyhive support
    06 May 2015

    As per 97th amendment associate member can't be part of committee. He must be a joint owner.

  2. J.D.Shah
    08 May 2015

    Our understanding is that recently the state cooperative election authority(SCEA)has clarified that housing society's associate members can be part of the managing committee with the consent of the original owner(whose name is first on the share certificate) .Thus SECA clarified that associate member can participate in election and join MGM provided his name is on the certificate. This clarification was also published in The Times Of India in February.

    Thus one does not have to be co-owner but associate member can be part of MGC.
    Pls. clarify on this aspect and also let us know when was 97th amendment came in to force

  3. Societyhive support
    11 May 2015

    Co-option is not permitted as per 97th amendment which came to force from 15 February 2014.

  4. Clara
    17 September 2017

    I was elected with highest votes as a woman candidate I was then an Associate member. On d members death I am now a member transfer took place. In d interim I resigned. Can I b coopted by the MC. or should d Registrar be informed. What is d procedure

  5. Sachin Mahajan
    18 February 2018

    can we add two associate members as advisory committee members? We understand that there is no such restriction. Plz confirm.

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