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How to deal with parking issues when total cars are more than number of available parking space?

08 August 2014 Avinash Bhosekar, Pune

Dear Sir,

We are a registered Housing society. We have a problem of Shortage of 4 Wheeler-Parking-places, for in our society. And arguments are going on between members.

We have only 7 slots under the stilt. And 11 places in open area, inside the society Gates. Total 18 Cars Capacity. We use all these 18 places in Rotation of every 2 weeks. No parking is sold to any one. All parking area is free for usage. But it is inadequate.

The total number of Member's Cars and Tenant's Cars together, is exceeding our capacity of 18. So it is obvious that some residents will have to park there cars outside the Main gates of the society. But people are not ready to park outside the gates, for security reasons.

Please see page no 2 for our queries.

Our questions are as under:

1) We have made a rule that, Due to the acute shortage, All Tenants should Park their Cars out side the Gates. Their flat owners are taking objection for this rule, saying that they are paying maintenance, and their tenants have equal rights.

We request you to provide legal advise to us, on this point no.1, giving the reference of the relevant model-Bye-law number, or co-op-law number.


2) Some flat owners are having 2 or 3 cars. They are saying that their Cars are expensive and they will not park outside the gate, due to security reasons.

We also request you to provide legal advise to us, on this point no.2, giving the reference of the relevant Model-Bye-law number or co-op law number.

3) Some members are parking commercial-vehicles like big Tempo, in the society premises, saying that they also pay maintenance.

We also request you to provide legal advise to us, on this point no.3, giving the reference of the relevant Model Bye law number, or co-op- law number.

We will be very grateful to you for above help.


Avinash Bhosekar

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Comments (12)

  1. Societyhive support
    08 August 2014

    Dear Avinash,

    Only members with alloted parking should be allowed. A tenant can park at the allotted parking space for the owner. If no parking space is allocated, tenant/owner will need to park outside.

    Hope this helps

  2. Avinash Bhosekar
    11 August 2014

    Thank you for taking out time to get response to my long question. I will put a service request for consulting services. Hopefully that will help us close the topic.

  3. Societyhive support
    11 August 2014

    Sure sir, happy to help.

  4. Ketan
    06 September 2015

    In our society one of the member using stilt parking for commercial use.
    This stilt is under society hand , builder has not allotted (Sale) any place for parking / any one.
    Our society only alloting all parking area to his Flat/owner by using Lunch draw .
    Now this stilt we have received for 1year in this (A.G.M) Draw .
    Previous user not vacating it .Pls. Advise what Society Law / how can we go head?

  5. Ketan Kumbhare
    08 September 2015

    In our Society,
    1. Associate member is requesting to see the other members personal ledger(accounts). but according to Model bye laws only registered member are entitled to have this right and not the associate member. So should we entertain such request? This member is very annoying and always keeping a tenant which are doing a lot of nuissance.
    So for nuissance can we charge heavy penalties on such tenants/members?
    2. We are residing in MHADA building where the parking is not alloted to any one. So can we charge differently to Owners staying in the society and tenants for parking?
    3. The above Associate member is offering money to Security for searching the tenants for him which is engaging curruption in our society. We have removed that security from the Society. But now we want to charge this member with a penalty of one month rent deposit to society for this act. Can we do that? is it legal?

  6. Amit Mokashi
    31 August 2016

    Borivali East - Society says that tenet can't park their cars in the society.

    Society say tenet can’t park their car in the society, were they have 3 parking slots empty. There are members in the society who don’t own cars and their parking slots are available.
    Owner of my flat does not have a parking slot allocated.
    As a tenet I requested them as we have 3 parking slots empty why can’t I use just one and I shall pay the parking fee of Rs 700 per month.
    At first one of the owner of the parking lot where I parked my car had no issues and said you can use it…
    I also told them that I can sign on the society letter head saying if the slots get filled by the owner’s car I shall remove my car and park it outside.
    However after the society meeting they said now you can’t park your car inside the society.
    This is so unhuman behavior. Don’t know what are they going to do with the empty parking slots?

  7. Neha Mishra
    19 March 2017

    Hello Sir,
    In our society, each row house has its own parking area. However, most of the residents have converted that area into garden/ sitting space and they park their cars outside their gates. This is causing inconvenience to those who are following the rules by parking their vehicles in alloted parking space. Many are not able to take out their vehicles from rowhouse gate because those who park outside are reluctant to move their vehicles. These vehicles are blocking the passage to the main gate. This has caused several arguments among residents. Kindly let us know what action should be taken in this regard.

  8. Domnic Bernard Rajan
    13 June 2017

    Do not have bitter relations with any one in the society cause,you have to see him or her every second or third day and,we all live in the same society.,in fact opposite flat members .why should we indulge in hatred.Have peace and let's learn to live harmoniously.Remember a society is formed by the whole lot of residents living and not,one or two people living with differences.

  9. Raja S
    19 December 2017

    Dear Sir,
    We have the consist of 10 flat owners flat, 4years old flat with closed car parking in stilt.
    Each individuals having one paid designated car parking.
    But car parking slot was not parked during possession time.
    Now I am facing to park my car .
    Still we are not registered any association till date. Rotation basis each flat members take care of maintenance activity each year and collected 2K each month.
    I have already told all the flat owners to form the association . But not happen last 4 years.
    Now I am facing to park my car in designated car parking area.
    Can I go legally, to get my designated car parking slot.

  10. Ghanshyam Parekh
    27 January 2018

    Our housing society has been registered by builder around 7 months back.Now we are under the process of formation and building committee.There are few members who have not paid maintenance charges for more than 1 year to builder.The builder says after forming committee we have to collect the outstanding and handover to him.But he has not given any corpus fund to the society,further he says he wil pay the maintenance charges of his unsold flats only after they will be sold.we need guidance for this please..

    14 May 2019

    Car parking is a major problem in urban areas in our country. Many cities are suffering from lacking of car parking areas with an imbalance between the parking area and their demands.

    The solution to these problems are - Puzzle Parking, Smart Parking, Multilevel Parking, etc.

  12. Umang Singh null
    22 June 2019

    Can I park two small cars in place of one car in allotted parking space only. This place can utilise by flat owner only.

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