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Illegal Structure (Shade) in the open terrace - Society not acting on notice served through PMC and not PMC is also not responding to the request

16 February 2015 Yogesh, Pune

Hi, almost 70% of the society members has converted the open terrace in to covered terrace. Not I have lost the road side view on account of the covered terrace just below my flat at the same time it is creating unbearable noise during rainy season...

I had registered a online complaint to PMC on 5Dec2013 and PMC served a notice to society. But beyond that nothing is happening.

Can I file a complaint in registrar office?

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  1. Societyhive support
    16 February 2015

    Dear Yogesh,

    You can put an RTI application. Attach Rs 50 court fee stamp and address it to the commissioner PMC asking what further action was initiated after complaint?

  2. Ashalata Tawate
    06 August 2017

    Our Society has constructed a roof top shed on the terrace of the Building, without getting Revised Plans approved from the CIDCO. The terrace is required to be kept open to the sky.They are now raising illegal bill for the said illegal and unauthorised work.

    Is it permissible for the Society to raise bills for illegal and unauthorised work?

  3. Hemant Hanmante
    19 September 2017

    Illegal Safety Door in the open common passage by one of the flat holder

    How to go ahead for raising complaint and to whom?

  4. Suresh bhandary
    05 November 2019

    Hi Yogesh

    Any luck on your query. Even I m facing the same issues.

    Please guide me how to go about legal proceding in my case.



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