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Leakage in the above flat which has seeped into our Hall Passageway, and 2 bedrooms

26 December 2017 anumita mukherjee, Thane

Hi, There are major leakages in the above flat which has caused some serious damages in our Flat in the hall passage way and bedrooms. Owing to this the flat owner is asking us to contribute to repair the same of his flat. Please advise what is to be done as per the bye laws, are me liable to pay when there is no fault ours?. Thanks!! It is a little urgent.

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  1. Societyhive support
    24 January 2018

    Dear Anumita,

    Here, the person causing leakage to flat has to repair his side.

  2. Pramod
    28 January 2018

    In our residential society commity members guided to use common toilet for Garbage collection and toilet is locked so security persons , maids or any bodies drivers not able to uses toilet as it was their basic need and also this toilet is side by of my car parking so where I can file the complaint or please suggest any rules to solve this issue.

  3. Pravin
    11 February 2018

    Can you provide byelaws section so that we get reference for the same to talk to owner and society

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