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Maintenance to Pay or Not

17 November 2017 Mandar Mengle, Virar

I own a flat on 1st floor in a 2 story building, and there is a leakage in my flat from outside on walls as well as celling. When I complain about it in society office they told me that they will not do anything about it and if I want to repair I have to spend from my pocket. I have to paint after every 2 years. What shall I do? If society is not repairing why should I pay maintenance? And if I repaired and solve my problem on personal level can I adjust it against my maintenance Bills? Please guide

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Comments (3)

  1. Societyhive support
    07 December 2017

    Dear Mandar,

    If the leakage in your flat is the internal one, then the society can't help in any form.

  2. Ad
    09 December 2017

    @society hive support, but Mr. Mandar is saying that the leakage is originally from the outer part of his flat which is eventually sipping inside his flat. If that's the case, then Mr. Mandar has all the rights to tell the society to repair it from the outside first.

  3. Parag Prajapati
    30 January 2018

    I keep paying maintenance then also in my floor lift sensor which was removed since 1 yrs till now I not using the lift

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