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Parking related question

17 January 2018 Usha, Pune

My CHS is located in Nigdi, Pradhikaran in Pune. In open parking space, builder has allotted few parkings to few members. Builder has marked parking angled to compound wall. But one of member having parking in open space has constructed shed which is perpendicular to wall. Due to this he is parking his vehicle outside of markings done for his parking. My parking is right behind his, so I get less space to park my vehicle. Owner says that markings done by builder does not have legal meaning. Though the markings are led by builder, he has not created any parking plan. And society is not willing to interfere in this matter. Our society have not framed any parking policy. Committee
Can owner create parking shed in open space? Can he park his vehicle outside of the marking done by builder(it is also causing inconvenience to me)? What should be the role of CHS in this case? Please guide.

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  1. Societyhive support
    14 February 2018

    Dear Usha,

    No, the owner cannot make a parking shed in open space.
    He needs to be within his boundaries while parking the car.
    The CHS should not allow any shed for parking the cars.
    Here, you request your committee to take action they are empowered.

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