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Parking rules in cooperative housing society

11 August 2014 Swapnil naik, Pune

Respected sir,

i am a chairman of society, m my query is that my society has insufficient parking space for cars. It consists of 20 flats and 16 parking car ownership place. as per past agm 4 cars are been allowed to park in drive way of the society for which society charges a fee. But there is society members who has bought 1 more car and without any permission is parking in society premises. And because of this other society members are complaining. The said person is secretary of our society.

Plz help me with a solution. Regards

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  1. Societyhive support
    11 August 2014

    Dear Mr. Swapnil,

    One potential solution could be that the society allows one car per unit. Rest cars can be parked outside.

  2. Swapnil naik
    13 August 2014

    we also proposed this before. will give it a try again. thank you.

  3. anil
    17 October 2014

    Collect R.C.papers of all flat owners. Those members, who have R.C. in their name will only be eligible to get an allotment of car parking in the society.

  4. Nitin A
    04 June 2015

    I & my brother is staying in same Co-operative society. My brother is having a stilt park purchased from builder & done agreement in ther year 1998. now that flat is given on rent as he has transfer to other country. He parked his car in stilt & use when even he visit to mumbai, sometime i am also using. His tenenat has got a car and wants to park in the society open parking, as there is ampale space available. Committe is saying they will not give parking because that flat is on rent and owner is having stilt. In society bye-laws there is nothing like if person is having stilt and the flat is on rent cnt get a open parking space even this rule is not passed in our AGM. Secondly one of the committee member is having stilt and also taken additional open space, but they says because owner is staying. so they are playing with words and not replying to my letters too. what I should do?

  5. rajen desai
    24 June 2015

    our society is going to redevelopment and up till now there is no particular car parking my query is in our society two members out of 16 members has a car and they are parking car in society since last 5 years, and in new redevelopment agreement 50% car parking to old members and 50% car parking for new comer members , so my question is that two members have get the parking in 50% car parking to old members

    kindly suggest

  6. ankush
    13 July 2015

    is that society charge any fee for parking for room member ? is that any rule to stop them to .
    after five years of building redevloped under SRA scheme . Now society charge 200 Rs charges for car or bike

  7. pramod dave
    24 October 2015

    this is a answar given by one person .
    Collect R.C.papers of all flat owners. Those members, who have R.C. in their name will only be eligible to get an allotment of car parking in the society.

    is it correct that society can ask RC book
    society is not have power to collect RC book

  8. Prabhakar Khale
    16 January 2016

    I am the member of housing society .I have given my flat on rent .Now I am staying out side the society. After giving flat on rent can I park my car in this society where i have given my flat on rent.

  9. Mahendra
    06 February 2016

    We have only 6 parking out of total 20 flat scheme, all are allotted. So one person having his Inova car with tourist passing, he is park without prior permission of society in side the premises of society. He is not paying single money . can any law for this tourist passing vehicle can not allowed in society

  10. dinesh ganesh nayak
    21 February 2016

    i am view of that the parking issue which was passed in the agm, should be followed by the society's members. the person may be secretary or treasurer of the society that is not important, but responsible person always should follow the bye-laws, rules and act of the state that is my advice.

  11. Abhishek Paingankar
    25 April 2016

    My que is to whom parking can be alloted? DOES it have any criteria like only for blood relation etc wat exactly d rules say regarding allotment of parking in society in mumbai can an aunt be alloted a parking if d car is in d name of niece or nephew?? And she is d owner of flat,the niece or nephew also stays with her

  12. R G Shimpi
    28 May 2016

    Can I park my car very closed to building but on the internal approach road to our building without disturbing the passing vehicles.
    What are the statutory norm for clearance to pass other vehicles. Is there any condition by Municipal Fire fighting department. Are there any legal binding or otherwise.

  13. D G Newase
    24 July 2016

    Can member park his tourist vehicle in the only resident H.Soc. tho he don't have his own parking

  14. Swati
    17 October 2016

    Whether parking close to any member's house's window is legal? They lose their privacy

  15. Yash Parekh
    14 December 2016

    If no.of flats are More than available STILT parkings, society/managing committee or even General body CAN NOT, allot/allow, open space parking to STILT parking member.
    Member having stilt has to park Second car outside. All the open parking should be allotted to Only to members who don't have parking allotment. Stilt parking member Not allowed to apply for open parking.
    Such open parking should be allotted on 3/6 months rotation so that each member will be able to park his car in society open space minimum for 3/6 months.
    STILT parking member has to pay BMC stilt tax plus parking charges, at least equal to open car parking charges.
    As society is maintaining, stilt area, also getting repaired, painted and light plus security charges etc , such stilt parking members SHOULD pay parking charges even though they have purchased from builder or allotted by society.
    If society has not collected any parking charges earlier, from stilt parking charges, society can collect now, effective first year of parking.

  16. Yash Parekh
    14 December 2016

    Co operative society's main theme should be " Co operation ". Each member should get chance to park 1 car in the society premises.
    No member should be allotted second car parking if total spacs are less than no. Of flats.

  17. Satish
    02 January 2017

    Dear sir,

    I will be going to buy new property 2 bhk in new building with reserved car parking. I have commercial (T permit) car & I will be only driving the same. So can I park the same vehicle in my reserved car parking slot ?


  18. Nirav Oza
    02 January 2017

    Dear Sir,
    I have to highlight the issue of society maintenance and society income expenses statement. My showing not showing any Income expenses statement till date and force to give maintenance amount to society otherwise they will cut water and drainage line. Please advise us how to fight society committee and what are the option to other members. Can we go for society registrar office for controlling the society expenses. Please suggest me on behalf of my society . If possible please give me some contact no of office addresses for register office for Vadodara, gujarat.

    04 June 2017

    If any society , builder has not allotted parking for all members can other members can make demand for rent from parking allotted members in the the society account as the individual can not have ownership right the for parking area , jogging park, cube house,stare case etc . In case of bungalow only individual is owner of property as well as land. Pl clarify.

  20. Sanjeev Nair
    26 June 2017

    Please refer to Arb Case no:- 73/GH/DR/ARB/2012-13 dated 04/03/2014, New Delhi. It will be clear.

  21. Rama
    07 February 2018

    Is it allowed to use car jammers in the society if someone parks wrongly? Is it allowed per the by law? Please give some guidance.

  22. Jaswant verma
    08 March 2018

    Dear Sir

    Recently i have purchased a flat in mumbai from the 2nd owner of the flat, as the first owner had mortgaged the flat with the SBI bank, and since the 1st owner declared bankrupcy and no capacity to repay the loan, the bank auctioned the flat, and the 2nd owner purchased the flat, and post earning a margin he sold the flat which we purchased.

    Along with this flat there is a open stilt parking space and we have the original parking allotment letter of the same which we have submitted to the society along with all the relevant docs, share certificate, etc, BUT the few society and cmtee members came up saying that there is no stilt parking with this flat hence you cannot occupy the still parking, as it belongs to the society, where as we have submitted all the relevant docs related to the flat and stilt parking.

    Please advice how do we deal with this.

    thanks regards

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