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Penalty for not submitting rent agreement & police noc of rented flat..

16 April 2015 Satish Nimje, Virar

I have given my flat on rent, but not submitted papers like rent agreement & police noc to society for four months after renting out. Society has charged me Rs. 5000/- as penanty for non submission of papers. Is this legal? Also society is charging Rs200/- as non occupancy charges although maintainance charges are Rs.675/- Please advice.

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  1. Societyhive support
    18 April 2015

    Dear Satish,

    Non occupancy is 10% of Maintenance in cooperative housing societies in Maharashtra.

    Penalty in your case is illegal. If not resolved at your society office level, you can approach the deputy registrar (cooperative) of your area for relief.

  2. Swaroop Navale
    01 September 2017

    I am secretary of an society we have one building, in our building there are 3 flats on rent given to family, now there is one more flat owner is give to some hotel workers (male) @15 he is saying but the said thy are 25-28 now which will increased later. We have allreay informed owner not to keep workers and to give flat to family only but he is not listing and arguing with us.. Pls let me know wth action can we take to stop them we have aslo given written complaint to police stattion. Pls advice

  3. Anupkumar Ramnarayan Sony
    04 September 2017

    As a soceity registered under govt law/act you are not authorised to interfere in any body's personal affairs & also can not take any decision in anticipation of future problem. If you manage verbally it is ok otherwise you will be committing offences under varies civil laws.In case tenent commits any offence under the law you are free to take action.Bunt be anthiguestic in such a way that you will be committing offence

  4. Dragon
    03 February 2018

    I gave office space on rent and didnt do agreement or police verification in good faith. Now the tenent is booked in illegal activities. What am I liable to according to law... civil / criminal / or nothing?

  5. Anupkumar Ramnarayan Sony
    05 February 2018

    As per police circular it is necessary to inform police about keeping tenent.It is in the personal interest.Better to take legal openion

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