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Please share NOC letter format

11 February 2016 imran, thane

I'm a chairman of housing society and wish to issue a No objection letter to purchaser of a flat in our society mentioning no pending dues.

Please help with the letter format.


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  1. Societyhive support
    13 April 2016

    Dear Imran,

    Please find below letter format

    To whom so ever it may concern

    This is to certify that .............................. a member of our society has paid all his due up to date of ......................... on secretary

  2. Sumanshu Patel
    10 June 2017



    I Mr. N********* N**********, Chairman of concerned society certify that, Mrs. S****** R*********** S******* W/o Dr. R*************** T******** S*******, owner and resident of Flat no. (Address) MH IND, residing here since 2006.
    Have an allotted space for car parking in the society premises.
    I have no objection and convey my consent to Mrs. S******* R*********** S******* to use premises for her car parking purposes.

    I hereby declare that I have given this No Objection Certificate with my free consent.

    Thanking You.

  3. Milind Joil
    27 February 2018

    I want to write a letter to society for obtaining noc for ownership transfer of flat from my brother to mine under gift agreement. how to write a letter to society please advise

  4. Shripad Chavan
    30 March 2018

    I require NOC from society for displaying glow sign board at our showroom.

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