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Share certificate regularization

24 September 2017 Sunil, Thane

I purchased a second sale flat in 2015 and since society not formed had completed all formalities with the promoter/developer and obtained their NOC.
However later society was formed in 2016 and on share certificate while being issued now in 2017, inadvertantly the earlier flat owners name is there . .

Please advise how to regularize the same and am i applicable for transfer fee to society . . Considering my agreement is prior to society formation and have already obtained builder NOC??

Related to housing society bye-laws

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  1. Societyhive support
    29 September 2017

    Dear Sunil,

    Here, if you are a purchaser at the time of society registration you become a member.

  2. Raghunath Paralkar
    05 December 2019

    I Purchased flat on 20th May with registered Agreement & society is formed on 30th May & i have the sale deed on 07th July , The Committee & secretary is asking the 25000& Transfer process. I don't find any specific clause in the buy-Laws or any legal document that the sale deed must be completed before society formation. It just mentioned that the registered agreement of sale.

    In this case should i need to pay or decline the Society Transfer premium ? Please guide as the Secretary is not giving any written confirmation or decline letter & demanding the transfer premium of 25000 . Please guide where should i go & get the clarification. How to register the complaint against the secretary as they are very rude & not giving any official reply .

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