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Shop owners maintenance charges

28 March 2015 Milind mhatre , Pune

I'm owning a shop in a commercial - residential complex having 38 flats and 9 shops. All the amenities are being used by the flat dwellers. Like lift, common areas, parking, lights in common areas and staircases.

The society people are asking for same maintenance charge as the flats. We are using only water connection and sewage lines.

Could you guide me how to convince these people for lowering the maintenance charges.
We are ready to pay some amount. Also if you could help us decide the amount.

Society Maintenance Charges

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  1. Bajarang Pawar.
    01 April 2015

    Though in your society 38 fiats & 9 shops every member have eqal amount of maintenans charges as per act, rules & baylaws of society.
    Every shop, flat have equal water connection.
    Not commertiol charges. or not any other charges without giving any service.
    Bajarang Pawar.

  2. Societyhive support
    01 April 2015

    Dear Milind,

    Members are members there being no classification therefore, society is right in charging equally as irrespective of your usage or size, all are to pay equal. However, if shops are in a different wing or on the outside pereferi of the building they can be excluded from lift contribution

    Additional points on how to calculate common maintenance is answered at:

  3. murarilal indoria
    14 September 2017

    I am also facing the same problem with the society management they are charging more than the flat maintenance as people flats are 24 and shops are only 6 shops maximum facilities are being used by the flat owners almost nothing is being used by shops but still they are charging more than flats it is supporting flats owner

  4. Rajashree
    09 November 2017

    I am owner of shop in Navi Mumbai area till the date I am not taking possession just because of shop is vacate. Now shop will going to be lease very soon and same time builder is asking for maintenance from April 2014 is Rs. 6 per sq ft ( Total Area is 435 sq ft. I need your suggestion for same.

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