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Society charging for providing permission to replace old tiles

17 January 2018 amey, pune

Dear Sir,

I recently purchased a 2bhk in co-operative society. I wanted to get my tiles in kitchen replaced with new ones and also in dry balcony i want to do a granite platform with a sink for washing utensils. I checked at the society and they are asking me to pay 6000/- as charges for any civil work.

The total work for me is not costing me more than 15k and i think it is un-reasonable for the society to ask me for these charges. I dont know on what grounds are they asking me and would like to know if there is any legal right for the society to ask for these charges.

Society Maintenance Charges

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  1. Societyhive support
    14 February 2018

    Dear Amey,

    This is illegal, you need to approach deputy registrar for order.

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