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17 March 2015 Lionel lobo, Mumbai

We are 6 buildings having 288 flats, amount collected by developer is RS. 70 lacs, challans given in accounts statement RS. 5000.00, refund to society nil., is he right.

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  1. Societyhive support
    18 March 2015

    Dear Lionel,

    Usual cost is approximately Rs. 5 to 6 thousand per member. Rest he should return. Be aware that often builders charge Rs. 10-15 thousand per member as society registration.

  2. lionel lobo
    18 March 2015

    We have paid per flat between 20 - 30,000 per flat , as you mentioned it should be maximum6000.00 means a surplus of approx. 20000 x 2400 flats of one complex = 4,80,00000.00 to,be received. Very unjust , kindly advise the options available . total flats he is in the process of building will be 40000 + where the amount will be humongous.
    Mr. Lobo

  3. Societyhive support
    18 March 2015

    Mr. Lobo,

    At face of it, your situation qualifies to go to consumer court. You can claim and get refund via consumer court.

    Having said that, there could be more to it which we cannot comment without reviewing your entire situation and documents. In isolation, you can get such refunds via consumer courts. You could discuss this with one of good lawyers in your area.

  4. Arunesh varma
    08 December 2017

    Sir we are forming a society in chawl system in there are around 42 rooms of which only 22 are ready to form society so per person contribution is around 5200/-
    What formaities difference between flat/builiding system and chawl system
    Which Papers required from society members?
    Amount necessary for per person ? In chawl system area is around 300 sq ft
    Time period of validation ?
    What benefits we get after forming a society ?
    Pls share information

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