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Society handover process

10 December 2017 Ravindra Poojari, Pune

Hi All

Can anyone give proper suggession for the following points.
Our Society is registered by the builder its a small housing of 100 flat under PMRD in Pune. Now builder is forcing us to take handover of the society but there are few concerns
1. Builder has taken a 2 year maintenance charges with all the residents. so few members are telling that why we take handover when he about to run 2year.
2. Builder as per commitment some works are not completed like drinking water provision for seperate tap water is not provided in every flat. So such work is pending can we take a handover of the society in that condition.
3. Now builder is saying that if you not take the handover as per law he will penalised so ask us to take handover else he give notice to us as well copy to registrar to give letter to take the society in registrar control.

so pl suggest us good solution and what is the possibility are there

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  1. Societyhive support
    15 January 2018

    Dear Ravindra,

    If society is registered you are to take charge within 40 days.
    Builder is correct here. He will hand over to registrar.
    Instead make MOU and make him commit to complete, failing to which consumer court is the next step.

  2. Simanchal Jena
    08 February 2018

    Dear All,
    Can you help in this regard. my query is my builder is maintaining the mantainance from last 3yrs. but at the beginning after he has taken the mantainance charge for one year as advance @1.25 per SQ Feet. but in july 2017 he has send the letter to all flat owners to pay rest mantainace charge at the same rate of 1.25 paisa sq feet. but flat owners denied to give is at the same ratio because the builder has not completed yet all amenities what he suppose to provide. 2nd thing he has used the electricity for his construction for c & d wing. so there were a meeting happened with the builder and he agreed at 90 paisa per sq feet and accordingly he has sent the revise letters for mantainance charge. now we told how can charge the previous amount which is already settled. so he is telling he will create a negative balance sheet and will hand over the society. so pls suggest what should we do in this situation.

    again he has only one combined water tank for a, b, c and d wing, but he want to make 2 societies that is A&B and C&D, is it possible to make 2 societies with a single and common water tank.

    again he has built the GYM over the water tank, is it possible to built it?

    again at the beginning there were no GYM in amenities, now he has built the GYM, now he charged it to the new flat purchasers, But the first flat owners who has purchased the flat before the GYM built, they didn't have given any fees, but now he is telling you have to pay the amount of 30 thousand per flat, at how far it is legal? pls advise.

    Till now there is no election happened for society commitee member selection, but the builder is telling to hand over the society, pls suggest whether it is possible or not?

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