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Society lift and maintenance problems

11 August 2014 shakun visa, Kondhwa, Pune

Our lift is damage & our building as 5 floor. but due to less fund in society we can't repair it. 1st & 2nd floor member r not ready to repair it or sharing the contribution for repair.

pls give some solution for it my cell no is 985xxxx470

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  1. Societyhive support
    11 August 2014

    Dear Shakun,

    Every member must pay for lift maintenance wether they use it or not.

  2. shakun visa
    13 August 2014

    Great! i now have points to talk to my society committee. Hopefully the ground floor people will cooperate

  3. sunil mehta
    20 December 2014

    for people who are living at ground floor, it is something like pay for that which was not used. If you receive over bill from mobile service provider? would you pay for this?

  4. Societyhive support
    22 December 2014

    Dear Sunil,

    Are you suggesting that person living in top floor should pay more for lift than person living on first floor? How about families who do not use the gym, swimming pool or club house at all? What if I have brought a flat but don't live there at all? There are many more scenarios like these.

    It is logical, practical and legal to pay equally per unit for all common expenses whether one use it or not. Yes, there are some services/amenities where the charges should be variable. But amenities like lift, everyone should pay the same irrespective of their flat size or if they use it or not.

  5. sunil mehta
    24 December 2014

    raising percentage method like people who are living on fourth floor and obviously they use it more than people on ground floor may pay higher percentage than the people on ground floor. like g. f. 7 %, 1st 12%, 2nd 17%, 3rd 27% & 4th 37 %. People who agrees not to use the services may be charged minimum \ token charges.

  6. Sunil
    12 November 2016

    Common amenities are paid as per usage what a nonsense people talk about. Either they are illiterate or educated illiterate.
    Such people should not buy flat at all.
    If pay is as per usage then there should be no pay for
    1. Parking lights
    2. Watchman
    3. Cleaning charges of ground floor
    And many more to who live at top floor.
    I suggest such smart people should opt for villa where they get everything for what they have paid. Housing society is not for them.
    This is pure ghopadpatti mantality....hahahaha.

  7. Santos
    13 October 2017

    I think everyone should think his own opinion but why one will pay for those who are the frequent user and taking leverage of societies rules and advising to leave flat and go to villa

  8. Sunil Mehta
    14 November 2017

    My dear friend Sunil, you was telling me the person with jopadpatti mentality, but I like to inform you that I was forced to pay the repairing charges & I also paid equally, but the person who is living at 2nd & 3rd floor and has maximum usage till has paid partly and till day it is payble by him. So what you want to say? I think you are not living on ground or 1st floor so that as usual opposed me. Parking light is not only for grnd. flr. people because it was used as parking zone by everyone. Same as watchman is not for the protection of grnd. flr. people. I regularly paid electric consumption charges for lift in equally without using it so at least can I ask for little relief in repairing charges?

  9. Krishna
    13 January 2018

    In an old building without lifts, if lift is installed now , how should the Capital expenses be shared between different floors?

  10. Saurabh Khandelwal
    13 August 2018

    Every flat owner has to share, this is a already mentioned in maintenance agreement while possision....

    30 September 2018

    As far as Lift Maintenance Charges are concerned, We have to take into consideration the words "Whether Used or Not". These words have lot of importance. One has to understand the meaning of the words "used or not" from the context of a co-operative society. There is a Mutual Understanding. Consider a case, where, there are more than one wings in a a Society with separate Buildings. Only one wing was constructed at a later date and has a Lift. The other building/s do not have a lift. The Building with List has some Flats starting from 1st to 5th Floor, has a separate entrance, which can be closed for others except the occupants of Flats from 1st to 5th of the said Building. Same is the case of all the Ground Floor Flats of the same wing (having Lift) and other flats in other flats in other wings (having No Lift.). In such a case, the meaning of the words "Used or Not" has to be understood differently. These words presuppose that, there is the availability of the Lift Facility for reaching the Home and whether it is used or not. Therefore, all the Flats except the Flats on 1st to 5th Floors of the Wing having Lift should bear the Charge of the List Maintenance, whether they use it or not. The comments in the preceding answers appear to have a General Perception about the interpretation of the words "whether uses or not" as the same is applicable to everyone in the society. This is wrong Interpretation and can be/should be challenged in the Courts. I am available for any discussion on this issue. If interested, please reply to this msg with your contact number.

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