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  1. Societyhive support
    15 September 2016

    Dear Deepak,

    A car yes if in your own parking.

    24 June 2017

    Society can hold NOC if buyer having Taxi passing car?

  3. Sachin Siddhe
    06 March 2018

    One member from our society is parking his stall vehicle of Manchurian which he daily doing business on road side and once finish business late night coming into society and parking is his own parking space. Should this be allowed as per rule, on the other side he is parking his four wheeler on common parking space.

    Please guide.

  4. Pascal D'silva
    27 April 2018

    I am chairman of our CH society and my question is two members in our society having commercial purpose car existing committee has given notice for not to park car inside society premises but they refuse to remove car. Given reason there no any rule in bylaws. please give me proper reply they may park or not

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