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Whether commercial vehicle can be parked in society's open parking?

04 July 2017 Onkar Salunke, MUMBAI

Our society isn't registered yet still they painted flat numbers on open parking and refusing me to park my vehicle inside.
Society suggested me that there is no parking space available and will give you parking if some one sold the house.
They are not following the by laws rules of 1st come 1st serve or Quarterly rotation system.

Now they allotted a tourist vehicle (Ola/Uber) to park inside the society's open parking.

Please help me with this. If commercial vehicle is not allowed then what is the ACT/Rule no.?

Waiting for your reply...

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  1. Societyhive support
    12 September 2017

    Dear Onkar,

    If the current tourist vehicle (Ola/ Uber) belongs to any of the society member, then he can park.

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