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chief promoter not handing over society

19 September 2014 meghraj, mumbai

we have registration certificate of the housing society from one year , but chief promoter [Builder ] is not interested in handing over the society to its members, means he is not resigning from the post of chief promoter.

Please give your suggestions and oblige.


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  1. Societyhive support
    22 September 2014

    Dera Meghraj,

    One good point on your side is that your society is registered. You should approach the deputy registrar of your area with your complaint.

    Has the promoter not even conducted the first general body meeting at your society in last 1 year? If no, you have one more reason to contact the deputy registrar of your area. The registrar can appoint an authorized person for your society.

    We'd also recommend you to get your deemed conveyance done before end of this year.

  2. Societyhive consultant
    22 September 2014

    To clarify above comment: You can apply to the co-operative registrar asking for representative from the department to hand over your society.

  3. Moushumi Mitra
    09 April 2018

    Do you have OC. .. If not then until he gets the OC the developer cannot give you building possession . It's important that you oppoint a lawyer to check your documents .

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