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  1. Societyhive support
    10 October 2014

    Yes, you can take action against members who are not paying the maintenance charges. You can even auction the property on non payments. Assuming that you've given them written notices and have penalty mechanism at your society per bye-laws directives.

    Per 97th constitutional amendment, the managing committee of a society can approach the registrar of societies to recover dues. Once the registrar's office issues a certificate, a recovery officer can take action, which can even extend to the attachment or auction of your property.

  2. santosh sharma
    07 February 2015

    we are running SRA society, where one member of the society not making payment for last 3 years after requesting many times , giving personal reason. we have only bank account on society name. pls. guide

  3. Societyhive support
    07 February 2015

    Dear Santosh,

    You can send notice for recovery through an advocate.

  4. Sandeep Kolhapure
    05 June 2015


    Can we stop the water supply for this particular members who can not paid maintenance charges from last 1 year.


  5. Mrs. Amala Karandikar
    18 July 2015

    according which bye law no, a defaulter can not attend AGM? please clarify

  6. manoj lingayat
    20 July 2015


    I m manoj . I am staying on rent .
    I just want to know that can society charge for parking more than owner?
    Their rules said owner will pay 100 rs pm
    Other side tenant will pay 200 rs pm.
    I am confuse , please guid me
    What should I do now??

  7. Dinesh Hanchate
    10 September 2016

    We are having members who haven't paid society maintenance charges and their recovery charges have come upto 6 lakhs?Members who are not giving are threarting the office bearers of society
    Please advice what to do in such case.

  8. Kunal Kamble
    12 February 2017

    We are paying society maintenance 2000 ₹ then also we are not getting services properly our building doesn't have watchman no CCTV installation no security at all. Water is given for only 20 minutes in the evening. When we call for a meeting the committee tell us that by law the meeting will be conducted after 3 months. Please let me know what to do.

  9. JAYESH jain
    20 April 2018

    Housing Society which is in proposed .last from 8 meeting no accountability. on only one person is handling all this. Propose society has right to collect maintenance interest.

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