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seperation of our wing from rest of the society.

17 February 2022 nilesh rathi , nashik

our co-operative housing society containing 4 wings was registered in 1985. For the Next 3-4 years the members paid maintainence ,conducted meetings ,kept accounts etc. but for last 15 -20 years non of the compliance is being done. Our wing undertakes and does its own maintenance.No audit has been done. The four wings are on four different plots.
the registrar as appointed an administrator for reviving of the Society. all the last pending audits are being done, but yet many of the members of society from other wings are not
co operating.

In this situation,plz guide us
1.we intend to be seperated from the registered society.
2.Shall we hold the Society revival proposal,so that the society automatically gets
de- registered.
3.after society being deregistered, can our wing by itself make declaration of apartment, so that with lower and genuine wing members we can ably maintain our property in that wing.

4. or would it be proper to regularise the society and then apply for seperation of our wing from the rest.

kindly guide us with your valuable expertise.Also quote the necessary fee ,if you undertake to reach our goal.

Advice from society consultant

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