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1 parking space and multiple cars owned .

01 March 2021 TK Pandey, Mumbai

Respected Sir/Mam,
I am staying in a CHS since 17 years, I am owning a car for more than 15 years. I am parking my car in society compound (Under Sky) where every other member of our society parks their respective car. Society charges us a nominal fees as parking charges. Since Past 4 years I have 2 cars, as per society’s rules only one car is allowed to park. So I adhere the law and park any one car in the parking. My wife has 2 car so after our marriage we started to shuffle and drive cars. But I have always made a point that only 1 car is parked at a time.
Now My society had an AGM in which they came up with a law that Only 1 car i;e registered in the name of the flat owner is allowed to park. If your vehicle is went for repair & you have to park an alternate vehicle then you need to write a letter to society and obtain permission to park alternate vehicle if you fail to do so you will be charged with a penalty of 1000/- per night.
So my problem is I have 4 cars, 2 of them are registered on my name and 1 on my wife’s dad and 1 in the name of our company, here my society is not allowing me to park other cars and they say if I park any other vehicle they will charge me 1000/- per night .
I want your guidance and help in order to get justice and to understand law mend for society.
I got recently married so I cannot just transfer my wife’s car in my name, nor can I transfer the car registered in the name of my company, What should I do in this case . Does the society have such right to make such laws or should I challenge the society in Co-operative courts. What would be the right decision?

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