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Adhoc water charges levied by Managing committee

20 May 2019 N Gala, Mumbai

The Managing Committee has levied adhoc water charges for wastage of water where water tap was left open erroneously by carpenters working in the flat . The charge was equivalent to the cost of one water tanker that the society called for the whole society. The instance happened thrice despite utmost care. Request was made to watchman to check the taps after the workers left. Since there was no water supply during the major time of the day , the issue arised out of negligence. We offered to pay a reasonable penalty but prayed that levying the entire water tanker cost was unfair . The MG neither replied to our letters , never formally cmmunicated , just kept on levying charges and interest on unpaid charges . Are they abiding by law ? what should be our course of action

Related to housing society bye-laws

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