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Apex Expenses Contribution

18 October 2020 Jignesh Shah , Mumbai

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are having 5 housing societies under Apex. Each society has different flat areas and also no of flats are different.

There are approx 1300 flats divided as
S1 - 350 flats of 2000 sqft each
S2 - 350 flats of 2000 sqft each
S3 - 80 flats of 5000 sqft each
S4 - 160 flats of 3000 sqft each
S5 - 500 flats of 1000 sqft each.
Each society has common are sqft wise equal.

Each society has gym of their own.

There is common club, open areas, main gate security, etc.

Please let me know apex level expense distribution. For eg, if 100/- expense happens for common area at Apex level, how distribution of the same shall be done legally?


Related to housing society bye-laws

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