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Can 2 hutments be transferred to one person after the parents death and the same be eligible for SRA

31 October 2019 Varun Sahu, MUMBAI


My mom and dad individually bought 2 separate hutments adjacent to each other having valid photopass in their name prior to 1995 in mumbai. One in mom's name and other in dad's name . Both the hutments are commercial.Now they both have expired.

I want to transfer it to my name . Can both of these be transfered to my name.

If both of these are transfered to my name will I be eligible for 2 SRA shop .

I am little confused as some one told me that I will get only 1 shop as in Sra one is eligible for only 1 flat or premise.

Pls do guide me what should I do.


SRA hutments

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