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Can apartment association ask an owner to clean a common area for using it for carrying building construction materials (M-sand and cement)

21 September 2021 Janarthanan Chandrasekaran, Bangalore

I have some tile fixing work in my flat. For which I was denied usage of lift for carrying sand and cement. So I used staircase. But now association (Can be called as virtual association. Association hasn't been formed or registered yet) is asking me to clean the staircase for spill over sand (The spill over quantity was very low. Think of it as something that falls off from shoes/sandals).

Is it legal to ask owner to clean it or bear the cleaning charges in spite of paying the maintenance?

Few things to be noted

1. Apartment association has not been formed yet. Only a very few flat owners had asked for this.
2. There were very few spill overs (One which used to fall off from the sand bag while carrying upwards)

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