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Car Parking - Car should be registered in the flat owners name only

20 December 2020 Jagdish Adusumalli , Mumbai

Hi Team at SocietyHive

I am residing in a large (500+ Apartments/ 11 Buildings) housing society since 15+ years and i own a 2BHK Apartment here.

I never owned a car since 15 years and recently i got a car from one my friend (doesn't stay in my society) as he is out of country since a while. I can keep the car to learn and use for atleast a year+.

My society is demanding that the car has to be registered in my name for me get a open parking slot (the car is my friends name) and hence are denying me parking in the society against the rules of society.

I want to know is this denial legally valid (as per maharashtra-co-operative-housing-society-bye-laws) for a society to deny parking on the basis of car owner's registration.

There are people in society having multiple parking (stilt and open) and i am being denied even a single parking on a basis of non existent self designed rules.
I asked many friends and no one mentioned having any such rules for ownership of car in their societies.

What legal recaourse i can take against my society in such a case and what are my options to fight against it.

Please Advise.

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