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Car Parking for SRA flats in Composite building for SRA wing and Sale wing

23 August 2020 Swwapnil Narveckar , Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India

We have composite building for total 16nos. flats in Sale wing (2 flats each floor) and for SRA development 32nos. flats Rehab wing (4 flats each floor).
We have common staircase and lift in between Sale wing and Rehab wing.
We are registered Society for 16nos. sale wing flats as name Ashwa Annex CHS (Name as per our sale agreement) by SRA Thane in Jan 2020.
Shree Ganesh CHS for SRA 32nos. flats has been already formed before 2017 by Developer.
There are 4nos. of stilt parkings below Sale wing which has been sold to 4nos. flats of Ashwa Annex CHS in sale wing.
But these parking area illegally occupied by Shree Ganesh CHS -Rehab Wing - SRA tenants.
We have noticed that some of the SRA tenant get flats who were not eligible.
Most of flats are rented. And Rented peoples having 2 wheelers more than 2nos.
Shree Ganesh CHS - Rehab Society is taking illegal parking charges from rented peoples to park in stilt parking in Ashwa Annex CHS. Some relatives (outsiders) of Rehab tenants are also parking their 2 wheelers illegally.
We are many times complaint in Naupada Police station, but they are not cooperating due to local politics pressure.
Shre Ganesh CHS generating illegal share certificates to Ashwa Annex members and sale flats in Rehab wing members in 2018.
Rehab tenants has been break our Name plate board at main entrance lobby placed by developer. They are using local politician Gundas against us.
We have decided to perform court case against Shree Ganesh CHS committee members.
They only wants maintenance from us.
Please suggest how to face parking issue and share any legal act document related to parking for SRA flats.

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