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Car parking space ownership from previous owner

30 January 2020 Monish Todi, Navi Mumbai

Hello, We had bought 2 flats (Joined) from Mr. X, about 8-9 years ago. The society comprises of 3 towers, A, B , C Wings. All the building are separate and individual towers, not joined/attached together, and have their own Stilt parking under every wing.

We bought the flat in C Wing, and the owner had a Stilt parking in that wing. The owner then moved from C Wing to B Wing since he had another apartment there, but he didn't move his car from the C to B wing, and the society allotted us an open car parking space.

Now we need another car parking, and approached the Secretary, he suggested us to request the previous owner from whom we had bought the flat to vacate the Stilt car parking, since he is not living in C Wing and that we should claim it from him.

Wanted to know what are our options here and do we have a case to claim the car parking now after so many years. Do we have a law which can help us here? Please advice.

Advice from society consultant

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