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Documents required for making commercial & residential structure eligible.

17 December 2019 Anil Jain, Mumbai

Dear Sir,

I have my shop & behind that just next to my shop is my 1 room & behind that my uncle 2 rooms.

Total length is 40ft which covers shop & 3 rooms. Uncle room is also handle by us only.

Now area is going under road widening. And upto 30 ft will go for the same.

* Documents we have attached for my shop is as follows :
1. Shop & establishment lic. of 1972 & recent one in our name ( record verified )
2. Light bill of 1995 in previous owner name & recent one in our name.
Pls note we have changed the name in light bill in 2018.

They have made us Non eligible by saying light bill recently changed & Shop & establishment lic number differs.

But lator we have verified & proved it that shop & establishment licence number is linked.

Will it enough to prove it Eligible ?

* Documents attached about room1 in my dad name.

1. Election card of 1978
2. Light bill of 1999 in my uncle name.
As we were joint family so we were using same light in all 3 rooms.

Will it enough to prove eligible ?

* Documents attached in room 2 in my uncle name.

1. Light bill in my uncle name
2. Election card of my grand father of 1972.

Will it enough to prove eligibility ?

Pls note we have recently again changed my dad election card address to same room as room where we have shifted was on rent & we vacated it & came back here again.

Kindly provide your valuable feedback at the earliest.

Anil Jain


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