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Extra maintenamce charges for using otla

30 July 2021 Imrana siddiqui , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Respected Team,
Please guide us, our society is of 7 floor, we have furniture shop on ground floor with other 9 shops on one side and 10 shops on another side we are at a corner, every shop use otla eg: painter use otla to keep his paints box, kirana shop keeps his box outside, but we are not allowed to keep our display out side, if we use they charge extra charges per day, and in maintenance we alteady pay otla charges every month.
1. is otla charge is as per bye laws?
2. If I have stopped paying maintenance because of extra charges, society is claiming i have to pay 21% annually as per bye laws so if i dont pay for 3 years can they charge interest on interest

Please reply as soon as possible.
Thanking you

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