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08 August 2021 kamal k , MUMBAI

I am member of CHS in MUMBAI
I have rented my flat in 2019 april and submitted Leave License ( LL) agreement copy to the society management along with Police verification

after completion of the LL period - i could not renew it due to risky COVID19 sitution
as i am 82 year with multple health conditions including heart disease
After i took my first doze of vaccine , i arranged for renewal of the LL with the same tenant
in july 2021 . But In the meantime society has fined me INR 10000 for not submitting the LL , with out any perior notice they have added this in the maintenance bill
I have sent letter request for waiver of the fine explaining the whole situation of non submission of LL mainly due prevailing pandemic situation

Kindly advise are the society is authorized to FINE me?
can they wave off the fine - as per my request
I pay all my bills on time


fine imposed by the society management

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