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How to charge members contribution for shade on terrace if members have different size of flats in society?

27 September 2019 sahendra naik, Kalyan

In my housing society there 23 One BHK, 24 Two BHK & 12 Three BHK Flats. To overcome leakage problem society want to construct shade on terrace.

Some members suggest make contribution as per flat size i.e. as per squire feet. Some members suggested as it is common area, distribute total cost equally to all the members. Today we received circular from society, mentioning resolution is passed in AGM to contribute Rs.20,000/- per flat irrespective of flat size.

My objection to above case is that when in future we go for redevelopment, can we all get same additional area irrespective of flat size, as it is common area redevelopment. If yes then per flat Rs.20,000/- is OK but if not what precaution or paper work TODAY we have to make to avoid future problems.

Please advise.

Advice from society consultant

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