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Illegal structure( shade) in open balcony-society not acting

25 November 2018 DIPAK CHAVAN, Pune

Hi, almost 70% of the society members has converted the open terrace in to covered terrace.Just below my flat work in their Hall balcony as they are putting shade for covering the hall balcony.
which is not convinit for us as its in front of our Hall window and it willcause problem to us as
1. It will not look good from society extenal view
2.If the cleanliness is not maintained we will have unpleasantness odor in our hall, (Pigeon sheet will be there as taking consideration we have pigeons, crows in society)
3. Rain water falling on will make sound effect and it troubles us.

I'm registered complaint in society registration book but chairman says,The complaints in respect of any alteration, addition etc may please be taken up with builder since the conveyance deed is not yet done and he is the owner of the property. Now in this situation what can i do...pls suggest & required action.


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