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Interest on non payment of dues for Repairs undertaken in society?

26 September 2019 Shaunak Shetty, Mumbai


My society had undertaken some repairs in society not related to lift or structure. They charged us Rs. 6000/- as equal contribution from all the members regarding the same.
But the work was not conducted properly and the work was also left incomplete.
I havent paid the same because the work was never completed till date.
Ther cahrged interest with respect to non payment of the same. Is it correct? if yes, what would be the maximum rate that could be levied?

So can u please help me regarding the same, that whether I can take a stand for non payment of the same to society as the work was not done or should i pay the amount along with the interest for late payment of fees?
Can you please provide me with the applicable bye law section?

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