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Issuing Share Certificate to owner having Bank Loan

25 November 2015 Mandar, Mumbai

Hi , I am a owner of flat in Goregaon Mumbai, I purchased the flat through Bank loan when Building was under construction. Now Society has been formed . Can Society give share Certificate or Xerox of it to owner having a Bank uncleared Loan? What is the process?

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  1. Societyhive support
    09 March 2016

    Dear Mandar,

    No, share certificate has to be handed over to bank a copy (photo copy) may be retained by owner

  2. Mandar
    12 April 2016

    Thanks a Lot for your Suggestion and Help.



  3. prema
    20 March 2018

    ihave house in society is formed. i do not have share certificate. is it right one?i want to should i get share certificate?pls advice me
    what is title search in house?why should we do when we buy a house?what is the cost of getting this title certificate

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