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Late fees and Disputed amount charged without any formal response

16 September 2020 Srikanth Venkatesh , THANE

There was a disputed amount from the year 1998 for which the society is unable to reproduce any records . We started repeatedly communicating in writing to the society that to settle the amount for clearance of maintenance but the disputed amount still stands without any clarification or response from the society. We have purposely defaulted on the maintenance charges from Oct 2015 onwards but also paid some amount to be reduce the final amounts. Since the society has not given any response verbal or formal we have asked to completely waive the disputed amount and the interest on the maintenance given that they are not even charging simple interest on the maintenance amount. Also if I havent paid for 4 years the penalty would a reducing interest I. E for 1st month of non payment would pay penalty for 4 years for the 2nd month of non payment it would be 3 years and 11 months and.... So on... Would like clarity on the same...?

Society Maintenance Charges

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