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Leakage from naali pipe from my house to shop below

08 November 2020 Rizwana Fuggawala , Thane

There is water leakage from naali pipe of my flat to shop below my flat due to which they are forcing me to repair it now but i am not letting them repair due tio corona and another reason is that the shop owner always gives his shop on rent for hotel that is why my child is suffering from smoke there us already a chinese hotel below which is already a topic of dispute what am i supposed to do do i let shop no2 to do repairs in my house and second what can i do of chinese hotel below so that i my small child dont have to suffer from smoke my mobile also i wanted to know that society has not conducted elections from past 10 years and chairman also does not reside in building he has given his flat on rent what can i do and society is charging too much maintainance and imposing penalty also on that and if my maintainance is 38000 pending can they take action on me or if i want to take action against them then what to do? Plz help

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