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Lift elevator parking problem.

3 weeks ago Shrikrishna Lawande , Mumbai

Dear Sir,
My car is stuck in uppermost lift elevator car parking. We are having 3 plus 1 parking. To say, basement, middle & uppermost.
Ours is a redevelopment building and we are old members. Our building has not got O.C and so builder has not given full possession of the building. Due to lack of funds, the builder has not done stack maintenance & servicing.
Now the thing is our committee is non functional & hence 1person collects some amount for smooth functioning bf the building. He collects money in cash with non receipt as wall paying in cash
He is demanding that I should pay for the car to be removed. So I want to know if this is correct or stack maintenance work comes under society and it is their responsibility to bring down my car and pay for expenses

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